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Having a Stress-Free Wedding Day

  • Your wedding day should be the best of your life, remembered for all the right reasons, here are a few tips as to how to have a worry-free wedding day.
  • Feeling nervous and anxious on your wedding day is completely normal but you don’t want to be worrying too much as everything if planned in enough time will all fall into place.
  •  Delegate- Yes, it’s your wedding day but to have that stress-free feeling even months before your wedding means spreading the things that need to be done i.e. turning to friends and family for help and support. This can really help and then not everything is on your shoulders.
  • Write Lists- With so much to plan and organize, writing lists can be really helpful. This helps the whole thing a lot more manageable and a lot less scary! With everything written down in front of you, it can seem a lot less than you actually think. Plus how satisfying when you start to tick off from this list!
  • The Dress – The most important thing on the day, is your wedding dress. The biggest tip could be don’t put pressure on yourself to diet or lose silly amounts of weight to fit into the ‘perfect’ dress. There are hundreds of dresses out there that will suit your shape; also the perfect fit is crucial. Give enough time for alterations if needed.
  • Take time for yourself- It's easier said than done, but your wedding day should be the happiest day of your life and the planning should also be an enjoyable time when are you going to spend months looking for the perfect dress again? Take some time out, have a pamper day, and enjoy putting together this amazing day.
  • Planning- Give enough time to plan! It sounds obvious but leaving enough time to plan can prevent stress months in advance.
  • Nobody’s Perfect- As much as you want to control every little thing on the day, you can’t, if something happens to go a teeny bit wrong don’t stress, enjoy the day, enjoy the mishaps, these can make memories, and laugh it off.


You’ve found the perfect dress, perfect colour, style, shape, everything you wanted but it doesn’t fit properly? Don’t be disheartened, any dress can be altered these days and make the fit perfect for you with just the slight take-in of the sides can instantly change your dress to make it fit your shape. Don’t feel the need to diet if the dress is too small, certain dresses can be let out, or adding a corset back can give you that bit of extra room.

Here are a list of things that can be done:

·       Length shortening

·       Sides taking in/out

·       Adding a corset back

·       Adding more beading/crystals

·       Removing/adding straps

·       Underskirts

·       Removing added layers

·       Bustle

·       Removing/adding sleeves


We can do all this at Sutton Bridal Studio, in enough time of your wedding anything can be done. Just don’t leave it too late!



Top tips for Surviving Wedding Shows

Going to wedding shows can give you inspiration for your day, the dress, colour theme, venue, catering, and flowers so being prepared for these shows are very important.


Research – Before you go along to a show, take a look at the website, and see what’s going to be there, and what’s going to be on offer. As you don’t want to get there and it is a waste of time.

Plan the day- Visit the stalls that are most important to you, whether that be you need inspiration for your dress or ideas for food.

Catwalk Show- Catwalk shows will be on many times of the day and they can be very busy and attract crowds so choose which one you are dying to see and get there early so you have the best view!

Take friends and family- Having your friends by your side or your family members can be a big help, they can give advice and support you.

Pick up everything- Every leaflet, brochure, and a good bag, take as much in as you can, these shows can help a lot in terms of finding a good photographer or the perfect venue. We all love a freebie!

Have fun!-  At the end of the day you are planning the best day of your life, enjoy it!