Frequently Asked Question

Q) How long will my appointment be?

A) Each bridal appointment lasts for an hour so you have enough time to try on a variety of dresses.

Q) How many guests am I allowed to bring to my appointment?

A) Sutton Bridal can accommodate a bride and up to two guests at an appointment. This allows you to move freely in the boutique when trying on gowns whilst receiving the opinions of your closest friends or family members.

Q) What do I need to bring to my appointment?

A) It is best to bring a strapless bra and to wear nude underwear. If possible, bring photos of dress styles you are drawn to; this allows your consultant to recommend similar designs. You can also show your consultant photos of your venue so she can gauge the theme of your wedding and personal style.

Q) What happens during a bridal consultation?

A) Your consultation with one of our experienced bridal specialists begins with a 10 minute interview in which the consultant will get to know your personal style and interest in dress shapes, fabrics and designers. If you are completely new to the process, your consultant will help you to feel more confident about the style you are looking for. After the initial interview, your consultant will show you the collection at Sutton Bridal Studio and you can try on the dresses you love. We will make notes and email you runway photos and details of the gowns and accessories that caught your eye.

Q) What silhouette will suit my body shape?

A) There are many myths when it comes to dress silhouettes and body shapes. A prime example is a petite woman who fears she cannot wear a mermaid or fishtail dress. With gowns, it all comes down to how it is cut, and each designer’s rendition of a silhouette is different. Your body shape shouldn’t put you off a style that you would otherwise want to try on and your bridal consultant will give you helpful advice when it comes to choosing the best silhouette for your shape: the petite woman just needs the ‘right’ mermaid dress, and we will help her find it.

Q) What size will I be?

A) Bridal sizes differ for each designer. Every design house has its own unique sizing charts and our brides will be individually measured once they have chosen their dress. A size will then be selected by our trained consultants according to these measurements and unique charts. This ensures the perfect size is always selected for the very best results during the fitting stages.

Q) What is the cost of alterations?

A)  Expect your alterations to vary from £150 to £300 most of the times depending on how much work needs to be done. Simple silhouettes such as sheath dresses with minimal beading will tend to cost less than a full, complex gown. Our affiliated tailor will discuss your alterations beforehand to ensure you are comfortable with the work that needs to be done.